Homer and Cristina Ladas come to Madison, Wisconsin to join forces with the newly formed but leading edge Cuarteto Tanguero for a ground breaking series of workshops, conversations, practicas, concerts, and milongas like you have never experienced.  Every workshop and every milonga will feature live music as Homer and Cristina work with Cuarteto Tanguero to break down the movement of the dance with your favorite tangos and regrow your steps organically with the music so you can dance with nuance and without fear in any situation.  This is an experience that can’t be found anywhere else and will have a lasting imprint on your experience of the tango.

Never danced tango before? Experienced teacher Joe Yang joins Istmo Tango Trio to lead a live beginner series for interested novice who will also have access to discussions with Homer and Cristina and larger cultural experience that the festival has to offer.

Led by festival director Maxfield Wollam-Fisher, Madison’s own Istmo Tango Trio adds to the live music experience joining Cuarteto Tanguero in Milongas and in the festival concert and will work with Joe to provide live music for the beginner workshops.

In an exciting new development, the festival now has at least three bandoneon players with the addition of Bob Barnes and Michael O’Brian who each run their own tango ensembles and will be performing at the festival as well as joining in the discussion and dancing.

Tango music and dance developed in Argentina and Uruguay as one culture.  As the century progressed, both art forms advanced somewhat independently toward their individual virtuosity and philosophies. The Mad City Live Tango Festival explores the lineage, connections, values, and virtuosity of both strains of this captivating culture while reconnecting the two arts in a historically relevant but modern artistic context.

View the Register/Contact page at www.madcitylivetango.com for information on the schedule and registration.