Liner Notes

For our second CD, we explore two of the most influential maestros of tango, Osvaldo Pugliese and Aníbal Troilo. Their spirits are encapsulated in two fiery tandas, separated by three milongas in the style of Edgardo Donato and Francisco Canaro that bring the house down.

The meaning of tanguero :
The Oxford Dictionary describes tanguero as (1) “one who sings, dances tango, or who is an aficionado of tango” or (2) “related to tango”. Cuarteto Tanguero’s goal is to expand the meaning of tanguero to “one who supports and helps expand the Argentine tango community.” In one made-up word, we want it to mean “moretango”. Moretango for us, for you, for everyone. If you are a beginner tango musician, a serious dancer, or an aficionado of the tango culture, we recorded this CD for you and hope you will enjoy it!

Cuarteto Tanguero:
Ben Bogart, bandoneón
Daniel Stein, violín
Winnie Cheung, piano
Matt McConahay, contrabajo

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